Maison Bleue Fne Dining Bury St Edmunds

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Listed Maison Bleue among the top ten
Fine Dining Restaurants in Britain

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The Times - Top Ten Fine Dining Restaurants in Britain
Listed Among Top Ten Fine Dining Restaurants in Britain


'There will come a day when our championing of this brilliant French restaurant means we will not be able to book a seat there due to it being so busy! Until that time we will simply state our great admiration for the cuisine, wine and new décor.’
East Anglia Daily Times


It is a rather lovely little business serving smart but unshowy food  with a minimum of fuss and bother to a clearly discerning crowd - A far better than average local restaurant by its own high standard.
Jay Rayner  - The Observer


The front of house is charming, this is high-end cosmopolitan dining at low-end rural prices.
Jasper Gerard – The Telegraph


Maison Bleue offers French cuisine and seafood at its best.
The Independent